2015, built by Latrobe Building Service

Working with a generally well-planned 60’s era house surrounded by an established bush garden, our approach was to work within the existing building, improving it and removing its diverse stress points.

With a low ceiling throughout, we provided a roof ‘pop-up’ to provide some relief over living and dining spaces, tying in with the existing house which still reigned supreme. Previously, one of the issues around the dining was the numerous doorways coming off it, introducing noise and interruptions. We responded by altering the circulation and cocooning the dining area in a profiled lining that concealed the remaining doorway and disguised new cupboards offering lots of storage. Within the wet areas, we extracted as much space as possible to achieve plenty of storage and functionality for a family of four. To cap it off, we introduced a new timber structure and brick planter to provide western shading and a sense of arrival.